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What does Arbor Medicus do for me?

The "video nurse" asks you questions, so you can tell your medical story. You are not rushed in this program, you can stop and resume when you have time and it will help you to give a more complete story. It may include items which you did not think were significant.

Not only is the program friendly, it is also very efficient. You will not be asked questions which do not relate to you. If you do not understand a question, the video nurse will explain it to you. The program allows you to progress at your own pace and you may stop and resume as often as you like.

When all questions have been answered, the expert system will assemble your information into a format which will fit well into a medical record. It will reside in your record on our website and you can also print it out when you wish. If your doctor is a registered member of Arbor Medicus™, he or she can review it from their office computer... if you have given them permission.



"Quality time" in a medical visit...

The time in a proper medical encounter is spent on questioning the patient, performing an examination when necessary, forming an opinion or plan and discussing it with the patient and answering their questions.

In the "real world" these steps are not so clear. Part of the problem is the relatively limited amount of time dedicated to taking a good medical history... in other words, asking all the right questions and going into more detail when necessary. In many clinics, these functions are delegated to assistants or to paper questionnaires because of time constraints.

If a healthcare professional is spending most of the visit time asking routine mechanical questions, less time is available for open-ended questions which will probably reveal the critical information. There needs to be a more efficient way to obtain a good medical history.


Whether you are a first time or a returning patient...

Certainly, your initial visit to Arbor Medicus™ will take longer than subsequent visits because the first encounter has to gather your lifetime medical history. Later visits only have to ask you about changes which have occurred since your last virtual visit.

The system remembers what you tell it each visit, so it will know if you are gaining or losing weight, drinking more or less caffeine, and many other trends. It will allow you to reveal new problems which need more detailed evaluation.



How do I start?

All you need to do is register on our secure server. The program will guide you from there.

NOTE: The program is currently under revision, please check back.




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