Why should I use this program?





Certainly, everyone has seen the checklists that are sometimes mailed to patients prior to a visit. Although these are sometimes helpful, they cannot branch or adapt themselves to the individual patient's needs. It has been shown that computerized technology can acquire information in a more complete and accurate manner than paper questionnaires and, in some cases, even a face-to-face interview.



We have been involved in developing automated patient history taking tools for more than 20 years, and these tools are in use in our clinical practice. We decided to broaden the program to encompass all of medicine, to provide our clinic with more complete information about our patients. Next, we decided to make this program available to everyone. It is our belief that patients will have better medical care if they are asked more detailed questions.

So please utilize this program to your best benefit, keeping in mind that you must review all of the content since it is subject to human error, on your part as well as our own. We would appreciate any constructive feedback you might have so we can continue to improve this program.



An Arbor Medicus™ user is someone who would like to optimize their medical visits and avoid some of the pitfalls which may potentially have catastrophic consequences.

Everyone has experienced the feeling of being rushed during these visits because of time limitations. Time should not be a limiting factor when taking a medical history.

Most people have no way of knowing what is relevant when visiting a medical professional. On one hand, you want to be thorough and on the other hand you do not want to flood the conversation with extraneous information. You need a way to organize and group your information so the conversation is relevant to your individual circumstances. You need an expert to help you prepare for your visits.

Why tell your story multiple times? Once you have a complete medical history online, you can invite any new doctors to access it.




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