How to use Arbor Medicus


Think of Arbor Medicus as a tool which you use to screen for illnesses before they cause trouble and as a tool which expresses your medical status to your physician. This is accomplished in a few simple steps:


1 )

Register as a patient in Arbor Medicus-NOTE: The program is currently under revision, please check back.


2 )

Take your initial history online- this may take a bit of time, depending on how complex your story is. Remember, you can stop and resume as often as you need, and the program will take you to where you left off.

3 )

Carefully review your printout and make corrections as needed- Remember, your information is only as accurate as you make it. The program is not perfect, you may wish to proofread and make corrections, perhaps delate unncessary spaces, etc.


4 )

Share your report with your doctor- You may print it out or give your doctor permission to view it online.


5 )

Return to the program before each clinic visit- Your information will carry from visit to visit, so it will ask you to describe what has changed between visits. This can show important trends and mark your progress.


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