patient FAQ's


The information stored on the Arbor Medicus server is secured by high level security certificates to prevent intrusion from hackers. In addition, no patient identifiers are stored with clinical information other than untraceable synthesized username and password information. This is an anonymous and secure system. You are truly anonymous.








Why do I need to give my email to register?

The registration process, for security reasons, requires your email so your username and password can be sent to you for validation. From then on, your only link to the patient data files will be your untraceable username and password.

Your email address is then sent to a general email file and is not in any way linked to your patient file. These email addresses are never made available to outside parties. We may, on occasion, send announcements to our entire subscriber population when new features are added to the program. You may choose to cancel the announcement emails. These will never be of a commercial nature.

Who is allowed to see my medical information?

No one can access your medical history without your permission. It is impossible for someone to pretend they are your doctor because the only people who can access the system are those to whom you have literally and physically handed a security certificate. You will also be able to tell whether your doctor has visited your record. You can terminate anyone's permission when necessary. By no means will any patient's personal data be sold or made available to anyone. Anonymous data from the overall database may be used for research purposes, not commercial or marketing purposes.

Not to be a cynic, but why is Arbor Medicus™ free? What's the catch?

Nothing wrong with cynicism in our world... It is the policy of Arbor Medicus that patients will not be charged any fees. The program is funded by other means, which may include grants, service fees to clinics, advertising, etc. As our funding broadens, we will seek to provide versions of the program for other languages and cultures... we are not limited to national boundaries.

Will I be a "guinea pig" in some computer experiment? Is that why it's free?

The computer program behind Arbor Medicus has been evolving since the early 1980's. The program authors have been using versions of the program clinically over all those years. Thousands of people have used this program in different forms. What is new in Arbor Medicus is the global connection between patients and doctors.

How does Arbor Medicus™ know what to ask?

Arbor Medicus™ iutilizes a type of artificial intelligence program which follows well established rules in deciding which questions to ask you, based on your medical profile and previous answers. It simulates the thinking of a medical expert so it will go into depth where needed to better explore your symptoms and background. It asks as many questions as necessary to provide a good medical profile on a first visit and a good snapshot of how you have changed on subsequent visits to the program.

How does Arbor Medicus™ ask the questions?

The Arbor Medicus™ system uses an interactive video method where a virtual nurse asks questions and probes deeper in her questioning where needed. As you respond to the warm person in the videos, you will see how she will follow along a thread of questioning where necessary. It may seem strange to see how well she gets to "know" you.






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