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Arbor Medicus™ Benefits to registered users


Save time with a patient computer interview


Imagine a scenario where your patient, on their own time, logs into their personal electronic record and utilizes a sophisticated automated history program which essentially creates a large part of your initial history or return history note.

Imagine further that the history is complete, relevant and accurate before you even see it.

Read Dr. Messina's "white paper" describing long experience with the patient computer interviewing . Click here.


Access your patient's records online.

Arbor Medicus Lite™ will soon be made available to all healthcare professionals* who are registered members of Arbor Medicus™. It is a patient record viewing program. With patient permission, you can review the patient history and if appropriate, paste it into your EMR.

The physicians's copy of the history also applies the patient's responses to validated diagnostic guidelines of specialty societies. This list is growing as modules are added to the system.

If you want to see samples of the patient histories, click here.

Arbor Medicus Professional is a more advanced version of the program which includes decision support and imbedded PQRI documentation. This version has not yet been released for general use. When it is released, it will first be provided to clinical contributors, clinical consultants and clinical reviewers.

Online CME


Arbor Medicus is second to none for innovation and quality in order to earn Category I credits, where noted. The educational modules employ expert system technology and broadcast quality cinema to provide custom instruction based on the needs and preferences of the individual learner.

In addition, a faculty version is available to allow instructors to monitor their trainees and identify areas needing more discussion. To see previous CME offerings, click here..

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NOTE: The program is currently under revision, please check back.


* Eligible healthcare professionals include medical doctors, osteopathic physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, psychologists and pharmacists.

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