How to use Arbor Medicus


1) If you are a member of Arbor Medicus, you may register as professional user- this will grant access to the patient record section as well as the CME section. There is no cost.



2) If you wish to register a patient from your clinic, you may do so from your side, the patient will confirm their connection when they log on.



3) If you wish to log on to the record of a patient who is already an Arbor Medicus member, they will need to give you a security certificate.... this is a unique identfier. When you enter it into the system it will find the patient and link you to their online record.


4) Please feel free to enter comments back to us so we can continually improve our service.


Arbor Medicus, LLC . All rights reserved. No part of this program may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from the publisher, except as indicated in the instructions herein.