Healthcare Professionals' FAQs


The information stored on the Arbor Medicus server is secured by high level security certificates to prevent intrusion from hackers. In addition, no patient identifiers are stored with clinical information other than untraceable synthesized username and password information. This is an anonymous and secure system.

Do I need an EMR to use Arbor Medicus™

An electronic medical record (EMR) is not necessary in order to benefit from Arbor Medicus. You will be able to see all of your patient visits at a glance to look for changes or trends, and you will be able to see the records posted by other physicians on the patient's team.

Does that mean that Arbor Medicus™ is storing these records for me?

Although we are using a very reliable service provider with a solid backup policy, we feel that the individual physician user is responsible for storing their own records.... at least at this time. You can easily cut and paste the patient data in your existing EMR, if you have one, or simply print out a paper record at the end of each encounter.

Where does Arbor Medicus™ get its expertise?

The basic general history is from standard conventional medicine as it is taught to medical students in the US. Specialized modules are being added as they reach completion. The sleep disorders module, for example, which is imbedded in the program logic, employs the standards of the American Board of Sleep Medicine, plus the well recognized Epworth Sleepiness Scale, the Insomnia Severity Index, etc. The psychiatry history incorporates key elements of the PHQ-9, HAM-A, DSM-IV, etc. We are always interested in board certified experts joining our cause.

Will I be profiled by insurance companies or pharmaceutical companies because I joined Arbor Medicus?

Certainly not. All personal information is held in strict confidence, patients as well as physicians. We will be using population data, such as demographics and CME activity for certain non-commercial research interests by faculty members. None of the physician information will be made available to outside parties.

How much will this cost me?

Arbor Medicus Lite is free for use by certain medical doctors, osteopathic physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, psychologists and other counsellors who are members of Arbor Medicus. The basic package allows the member to view information patients who have given them permission.

Previous CME has been so far funded by unrestricted grants, and our offerings have been provided at no charge.

Enhanced versions of the physician's componant will become available at no charge to official physician reviewers and content contributers. This level will be able to interact with the patient record and create a more powerful encounter with imbedded decision support tools. We will announce the availability of this version to all registered users.












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