Become an Arbor Medicus Volunteer


The spirit of Arbor Medicus is "we are all in this together". Becoming an Arbor Medicus volunteer allows a person to help their community.



What does a volunteer do?

There are several areas where we can always use help:

1) Organizing the promotion of the program to expand our user base

2) Fundraising for continued expansion of the program. We are especially seeking funding to expand the program into Spanish and to build a pediatric version.

3) Helping people in your community to get online to use the program. People sometimes need help because they do not have access to computers or are unable to use them. Clinics and hospitals can always use help in assisting patients to take their histories. Public health and indigent clinics can use help. Public libraries can use help in assisting the elderly to log on and get a good medical history.


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